Stocking FAQs

When do pre-orders open?

The date is still TBC but will be in September. Newsletter subscribers will be notified and it will be announced on Instagram. We have only a limited number available this year and they are expected to go quickly - last year we sold out in 15 minutes!


When will I receive my stocking?

Stockings will be shipped end of November, you will receive an email notification when your order is on its way to you. 


What fabrics are they made from?

The velvet stockings are made from a 100% pure cotton velvet and a 100% cotton candy stripe lining.

The silk stockings are made from a 100% pure silk outer, 100% cotton lining, a cotton-bamboo interlining and the velvet is 18% silk and 82% viscose.  


How do I let you know what colour and name I would like?

In the Cart section, please click ‘Add A Note To My Order’ and leave a message letting us know the colour and name you would like for each stocking. You can also reply to your order email with this information too. 


What colours are available?

You can view the colour options on each of the product pages, either velvet or silk. 


Can I swap fabric colours?

Yes - you can request a different colour combination from the options available, such as red stripes with red velvet. If you would like completely different colours in either the candy stripe cotton or the velvet, that would also be possible, so please contact me if you have something particular in mind. 


What about trims and embroidery colours?

You can also request to change the trim or embroidery colour. With the embroidery however, do bear in mind certain shades won’t show up so well as others so we might advise against some colours. 


Can I change my mind on colours after I’ve placed my order? 

You have 24 hours to notify me of any changes you’d like to make to your order. I am buying all the fabric according to the orders I receive, so after that time I’m afraid it would not be possible to change your mind. 


Can I request a different font for the embroidery?

Cressida offers her trademark lower-case joined font by default. If you’d like the first letter to be a capital, or the name to be all in block capitals, please request this on ordering by replying to your order confirmation. Otherwise each name will be embroidered all lower-case. 


I have a long name!

We do suggest limiting the name on the stocking to 9 letters if possible. You can have a longer name but the lettering would be smaller. Feel free to be in touch with any questions about this. 


How do I look after my stocking so it lasts for years to come?

The fabrics are the highest quality and will last for many years, and each stocking will arrive in an archival quality, acid-free box to ensure safe storage. We do advise storing your stocking flat in its box when not in use, as storing it folded will result in creases.

Velvet will naturally take on character due to the pile of the fabric - that is part of its charm. As for the silk dupion, this beautiful fabric has a unique texture with distinctive irregular slubs that are not to be seen as flaws.

If cleaning is required, it is best to spot clean with a slightly damp (not wet) cloth only, and dry clean if necessary. A gentle steaming should remove any creases. 

There is a hook to hang your stocking while waiting for Father Christmas to visit, however once it is full of presents please lay it down flat.


What size are they?

Stockings unfold to make maximum room for presents. Unfolded they are approx 68cm long, folded over they are approx 56cm long and they are 40cm at widest point. 


How much will they cost?

The velvet stockings are £180 each and the silk stockings £195 each, which includes the name embroidery. P&P is additional.